Meet Laura Timm:

  • Trusted Mentor
  • Stellar Leader
  • Elite Speaker
  • Entrepreneurial Maverick

Mentor, speaker and consultant. 

Throughout my career I have worked across multiple industries, from hospitality and IT to motor industry and construction. All of these have given me a unique angle on life's challenges and opportunities.


Overcome Obstacles

Defy expectations - because you are the only one limiting yourself.

businessman builds a stairs

Develop Transferable Skills

Learn new skills that will translate across multiple careers.


Choose Success

You just have to believe in your own journey.

A close friend once said to me, "If you're telling me about a plan you've got, that means you've been thinking about it for a while and you're about to do it."

Growing up I was the youngest in a family of four (3 older brothers!) and the insanely ambitious one in my peer group, but I never allowed my youth, gender or nationality determine the limits of my success.

No matter what your industry, your goals or the challenges you face, with the right guidance you can achieve success. By developing key skills in areas relevant to your situation, you can uncover your greater potential, creating measurable results.


Where have I come from?

I was born in Estonia, a small Baltic country with a population of around 1.2M people. Growing up my peers didn’t believe in a dynamic and successful life but I didn’t believe anything else.

young woman just arrived to destination with her suitcase

What has my journey been like?

Like anyone else I've come up against many obstacles on the road to success, but it's my approach these challenges that allows me to overcome them faster and more efficiently.


What inspires me?

It's always truly rewarding to see the impact I've made on a client. Alongside that, reading, writing and travelling keep me inspired, while my key motivators are my family and friends.